Because GPS positioning can be inaccurate inside of buildings, why not use near proximity devices called beacons and an associated free app to deliver your location-based mobile adventure. Beacons deliver the Internet directly to a smart mobile device. When the device encounters a beacon, it can display location-specific content, gather data and take actions for an interactive engaging experience.

You may add content such as text, html, urls, images, audio and video. In addition to delivering content, beacon management systems can track users as they encounter beacons. Data can show visits to POIs and can be filtered by date, language, gender and age as desired. Beacons once required programming experience to deliver content. But not any more! There are now web-based, easy to use beacon and content management systems that puts beacon technology into the hands of anyone, not just programmers.

Why Choose Us

Mobile Adventures Australia has a partnership with Place Global, an emerging US based company who have built a global, scalable platform to allow anybody to enter into the beacon economy. We can design, configure, set-up and install a beacon solution for your business working with you to build an end-to-end beacon platform that we then support you to self manage and administer. What a brilliant way to get people engaged in your conference or workplace learning and development.

For more information please contact Mobile Adventures Australia.

What Client’s Say

To anybody thinking of adding a location-based mobile adventure like we did as a tourism attraction– do it! The concept itself is amazing, and on top of that, Roger Edmonds commitment and communication to the project as the creative director and to the stakeholders was outstanding!
Jess Humphries, Goyder Regional Council
Mobile Adventures Australia have given us the chance to showcase our message of the work and life of Sir Charles Todd in Adelaide across a wide client base. They have taken the worry out of the technology and allowed us to concentrate on the content. Thanks again for your great work Roger.
Mac Benoy, Todd History Group
I would like to extend a special thank you for your excellent support of the Year 4, 5 students in the design and development of our mobile science adventure at the Adelaide Zoo. It has been a great learning experience for all of us. You provided excellent support and students are very proud of their achievements.
Cate Berden, Lockleys North PS
I want to congratulate you on your incredible achievement as a Finalist in the 2011 Computerworld Honors event for your visionary application of information technology to promote positive social, economic and educational change.
Jess Román-Salcedo, ComputerWorld