Who are Mobile Adventures Australia?

Mobile Adventures Australia is a small family-owned business who will connect your content, stories and rich media together to deliver unique and powerful experiences on a smart mobile device to:

  • amplify your tourism attractions so your visitors experience is unforgettable
  • deepen the reach of mobile learning into educational programs
  • add value to museums and cultural collections
  • transform workplace learning practices into experiential practices
  • enhance delegates experiences at conferences and other events

Our aim is to make sure that visitors and students experience your mobile adventure/tour/game in an unforgettable way.

Meet Our Team

Roger Edmonds
Roger EdmondsCEO
Roger has been designing location-based mobile tours/adventures since 2010. His work has been awarded the Centenary Medal of Australia, a Brandon-Hall Excellence in eLearning Award, a UniSA Citation for Digital Learning and a Global Reimagine Education Award.

Kate Kleemann
Kate KleemannCommunication
Kate can assist with integrating social media into your mobile adventure. She also helps with event management if required.
Laura Jones
Laura JonesTraining
Laura is available to assist with additional training when required. Her regular work is in customer service and advocacy with local and national and international businesses.

Clients and Conferences