Project Description

Governor George Gawler arrived in Adelaide in 1837. His task was to render viable the experiment in systematic, self-supporting colonisation in South Australia by the British government. Very few people knew Gawler had a secret strategy for this that he couldn’t implement before he was recalled to England in 1841.

Would SA have been a different place today had he been able to implement it?

It’s been lost for 175 years and only becomes visible to those that come and play the game on their smart mobile device through the streets of Gawler. Will you be the first to collect all the clues and use the decoder to reveal the secret?

Location: Gawler, South Australia

Sponsor: Department for Education & Children’s Services and Mobile Learning Academy

Audience: General Public, School Children (Yr 7-12)

This mobile adventure is a primarily a game developed for an educational audience. It is loosely based on published historical documents but in no way is intended to be an accurate representation of the history of the time. For an accurate account of Governor Gawler’s time in South Australia please visit History SA