Project Description

Explore the first metal mines in Australia!

Silver lead ore (called galena) was discovered at Glen Osmond when the wheel from a horse drawn cart crushed an outcrop of rock and the metallic brilliance of the ore became obvious in 1843 and produced the first mineral exports from this country. The smelting chimney you will see on the mobile adventure is the oldest remaining mine chimney in South Australia and possibly Australia.

But there is a mystery to solve in the mobile adventure. On each of the photos that activate, a letter (A, B, C …) has been hidden. Find them as you visit each place then put them together to spell out a mystery word associated with the mines. When you think you have the word – scan the QR Code in the Outro to check your answer.

Location: Glen Osmond, South Australia

Sponsor: Mobile Adventures Australia

Audience: General Public, School Children (Yr 8-12)