Project Description

Come and discover the history behind Adelaide’s founder and designer Colonel William Light in a location-based mobile treasure hunt. Standing on Montefiore Hill, legend has it, Light choose the location for the city of Adelaide and soon started his now famous design of the city street plan. What most people don’t know is that Light left a message in his city design for all future visitors to Adelaide to discover. A message not easy to decipher, not known by too many people and only visible to those that come and play “The Mystery of the Colonel’s Ghost through the streets of Adelaide.

This single player location-based mobile adventure has been adapted (with permission) from the original urban design game and multi-player genre developed by Ronald Lenz, CEO of 7scenes for play during the 2009 Adelaide Fringe.

Location: Adelaide, South Australia

Sponsor: Mobile Learning Academy

Audience: General Public, School children (Yr 7-12)