What is a location-based mobile adventure?

A personal, interactive, exciting and innovative way to amplify experiences of towns, cities, events, cultural institutions, the great outdoors or an educational program using smart mobile devices and a free app. As you approach locations shown on a map on your mobile device, rich media activates to reveal a story inviting you to interact with the location, with the media, a quiz or by uploading photos or notes. You can rate/comment on your experience through social media and playback the experience to share with friends.

What a brilliant and fun way to promote your town, its culture and history, to discover new (untold) stories about the great outdoors, to access a wider audience  or to unlock educational content at real places in real situations for student learning and workplace training.

Why Choose Us

  • An experienced, professional online designer will create your mobile adventure
  • Developed on the state-of-the-art mobile app platform MyTours and STQRY
  • Professional learning workshops to ensure your team can continue to update and extend your mobile adventures
  • Tested on both iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Ongoing support because we care about your mobile adventure experience as much as you do.

What Client’s Say

To anybody thinking of adding a location-based mobile adventure like we did as a tourism attraction– do it! The concept itself is amazing, and on top of that, Roger Edmonds commitment and communication to the project as the creative director and to the stakeholders was outstanding!
Jess Humphries, Goyder Regional Council
Mobile Adventures Australia have given us the chance to showcase our message of the work and life of Sir Charles Todd in Adelaide across a wide client base.  They have taken the worry out of the technology and allowed us to concentrate on the content. Thanks again for your great work Roger.
Mac Benoy, Todd History Group
I would like to extend a special thank you for your excellent support of the Year 4, 5 students in the design and development of our mobile science adventure at the Adelaide Zoo. It has been a great learning experience for all of us. You provided excellent support and students are very proud of their achievements.
Cate Berden, Lockleys North PS
I want to congratulate you on your incredible achievement as a Finalist in the 2011 Computerworld Honors event for your visionary application of information technology to promote positive social, economic and educational change.
Jess Román-Salcedo, ComputerWorld

The LBMLG presented at mLearn2016 was a conference highlight. The activity was highly engaging and highly effective in promoting our learning about the local history of the area. It did this by focusing on active learning in an authentic, real-life context. I can think of many other disciplines and situations that this tool could be applied to enhance student engagement and students’ learning outcomes”.

Dr Laurel Evelyn Dyson, UTS (Sydney)

Location-based mobile learning games are an engaging addition to hands-on exercises designed to get students experiencing the challenges and stimulation of learning geology in the field. They enable both reconnaissance and reflection on the key scientific concepts and relationships that we explore. This adds significant value to critical learning done in the field, and as a course coordinator I have found Roger and the team very willing to create and implement innovative ideas to achieve this goal.

A/Prof Tom Raimondo, University of South Australia

There has been nothing but praise from Councilors and Members of the Australian Institute of Training and Development for your Mobile Learning Application. Your continued references to students and adult workers from a variety of workplaces certainly resonated with our L&D and HRD-centric audience.

Gair Bethley, President, Australian Institute of Training & Development (SA Division)

Geo-information is the lifeblood of tourism and supporting students to design and use a mobile app in their tourism course significantly added to their learning experience. By doing this, students had the opportunity to better understand the use and impact of mobile technologies and geo-information on tourists’ behaviour and appreciate the value of integrating mobile apps in tourism business operations.

I highly appreciate the guidance and support from the project team, specifically Roger and Simon, for their consultation but also practical help and assistance in implementing the infrastructure, training and supporting students to design their own mobile mobile app.

Professor Marianna Sigala, University of South Australia

A big thank you to Roger for his patience and support in helping develop the ‘Tonsley…..Marion Lives Here’ mobile adventure app. We are delighted with the results and hope that this amazing game encourages the wider community to visit our vibrant city. Roger was professional, extremely helpful and approachable and a pleasure to work with.

Tracey Noah, City of Marion

Our collaboration with Roger from Mobile Adventures Australia has enabled us to present our Society’s local history knowledge in a fresh, exciting way. Roger’s guidance in creating a multimedia display, clear interesting dialogue and fun ‘end tasks’ has helped us access a wider audience. We are grateful to Roger for this opportunity.

Marie Hagen, Henley & Grange Historical Society Inc.