Have some fun exploring local businesses in the West End of Adelaide

The Colour of Custard is an urban game with the story of businesses in Adelaide’s West-End at its base.

Walk with a SA business pioneer David Fowler along a secret trail with your mobile phone to discover:

  • What enterprises can be found on the streets around City-West or seen from it?
  • How does the enterprise contribute to society, if at all?
  • What enterprises used to be in these places?
  • What evidence is there of past activity? Why might the activity have ceased or moved away?
  • What activities make themselves hard to find or hard to find out what they do?

Take photos of the places you visit and complete a quiz before you leave them. Level up in the game as your quiz scores rise and when finished rate, review and share your experience on facebook and twitter.

Designed and developed as a tutorial activity for the UniSA Business and Society course but available for the public to experience and enjoy as well.

Check out the companion webpage here then Walk the trail with your smart mobile device, play the game, collect the clues, take on the tasks and be one of the first teams re-discover the history of businesses in Adelaide’s West-End with this mobile app!


  • Ensure your Apple or Android device is fully charged
  • Download and install the Mobile Learning Academy app onto your smart mobile device from either the Apple App Store or Google Play (sorry not available for Windows)
  • Sign-up within the app for a free players account
  • Search for this game on the app (use Nearby or a Search term)
  • Download associated media
  • Click the START button to begin playing.
  • Read the instructions and navigate to the first place marker – your position is shown as a blue dot
  • When your position (moving blue dot) overlays the place marker it activates to reveal screens with text to read, videos and photos to view and tasks to do. Swipe to reveal each new screen.
  • When completed, close the window and move to the next location
  • Upload photos & notes and rate, review and share your experience on facebook and twitter.
  • When finished, come back to this website, login and playback your activity and see your photos.