Come on a treasure hunt through the streets of Adelaide where solving puzzles will lead you to a hidden message that Light ‘designed’ into Adelaide. The game will not only let you explore the history of the formation of Adelaide, but you will rediscover the city you may already know from a very different perspective.

The Mystery of the Colonel’s Ghost” is a historic urban game with the design of the city of Adelaide at its base. The game revolves around the first Surveyor-General of South Australia, Colonel William Light and his vision to design a city. It was redeveloped (from the original 2009 multi-player game) in 2014 for the Australian Computers in Education Conference.

Light's Vision


  • Check out the backstory and supporting webpage
  • Before you begin download the map and print it (optional).
  • Remove the decoder tool from the left side of the map.
  • Ensure your Apple or Android smart phone or tablet is fully charged and location services are enabled.
  • Download and install the Mobile Learning Academy app onto your smart mobile device from either the Apple App Store or Google Play (sorry not available for Windows)
  • Sign-up within the app for a free players account


  • Navigate to the game locations on your mobile phone.
  • Click the START button to begin playing.
  • Read the instructions and navigate to the first place marker – your position is shown as a red dot
  • When your position (moving red dot) overlays the place marker it activates to reveal multiple screens with text to read, videos and photos to view and tasks to do. Swipe to reveal each new screen.
  • When completed, close the window and the next place will be revealed.
  • Use your mobile device, map and decoder to solve puzzles and earn symbols.
  • Collect 5 sets of symbols and draw them in the table on the map. Each symbol must be selected from the symbol list below the map.
  • Upload photos & notes and rate, review and share your experience on facebook and twitter.
  • When finished, come back to this website, login and playback your activity and see your photos.

Important notes 

  • WiFi only tablets can be used to play but free WiFi can be slow causing accuracy issues and activation of content at locations to be delayed. This may result in a less than optimal experience.
  • You can still play without downloading the map and learn about the early history of Adelaide but you won’t be able to solve the puzzle to ultimately discover ‘Light’s hidden message’.
  • This location-based mobile adventure has been adapted (with permission) from the original game designed by Ronald Lenz, CEO/Director of 7scenes for the 2009 Adelaide Fringe.