Terri is a greedy triangle who wants to have more than just three sides and angles. Terri believes that more angles and corners will make her life better and dreams of turning into new shapes by adding angles and sides.

Follow Terri as she sleepwalks to 4 different locations and at each place, go inside her dream to learn more about 2D shapes and figures. Will Terri ever be satisfied with her shape? Are some shapes ‘better‘ than others?

The Shape Detective is a fictitious location-based mobile learning prototype game loosely based on Marilyn Burn’s book ‘The Greedy Triangle” (1994) designed for play during the AAMT2015 Conference in Adelaide, July, 2015. It is in no way a true and accurate story and is not intended to offend. 

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  • Ensure your mobile device is charged and volume is high.
  • Download the free Mobile Learning Academy App from Apple App Store or Google Play.
  • Sign up for a free player account from within the app.
  • Read about the game and instructions on how to play.
  • Search for “The Shape Detective” game on the app.
  • Navigate to its 4 places but only one will be revealed at a time. At some places you may be invited to answer a question. Get them correct and you will learn what happens to Terri.
  • Don’t forget to Add
    [+] photos of your search along the way.