Mobile tours / adventures

Mobile tours connect stories to a city, town, region, event or institution by linking real places with rich digital media (audio, video, images) and text.

They are a guided exploration of specific locations, using the affordances of a mobile device to combine informational content, multimedia elements, simple gamification and GPS technology. The result is a mobile tour guide which provides an interactive and immersive experience, delivering location-specific information as digital stories. Users navigate to place markers on a map which activate with video, audio, photos, text, augmented reality experiences, virtual panoramas and location-interaction tasks which amplify a person’s sense of place in an interactive and authentic way.

Mobile tour guides are perfect to deliver both new and existing content for tourism, education programs, cultural institutions, parks and trails and events all being accessed on a smart mobile device either on a free app and/or web page.

Engage Deeper – Explore Further – Discover More

Amplify Outdoor Experiences

Discover new stories invisible to the naked eye.

Let the geology, biology, history, cultue and heritage of your site come alive in a mobile tour/adventure as you walk, bike or drive in the great outdoors

Amplify City Experiences

Experience the historical and cultural heritage of your town or city.

Unlock its stories with rich interactive media that makes it come to life through a place-based mobile tour/adventure.

Amplify Education Programs

Isn’t the real world the most relevant context to learn in?

Link surroundings to stories and interactive media to unlock educational content at real places in real situations. Learning becomes more personal, playful and authentic.

Amplify Museum or Gallery Experiences

Add value to visits to museums, galleries and cultural institutions.

Use rich interactive media and QR Codes to unlock the stories behind what you view.

Amplify a Conference or Event

Bring people and events closer together in a new interactive way!

Add a mobile game/tour to your conference or event and get your delegates engaged as they scavenge nearby streets and the event venue for clues, challenges and rewards.