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We’re proud of what we do, and think you’ll enjoy some of these amazing tours.

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Discover Robe

Robe has a remarkable history!

Use this mobile tour to discover its rich stories of people, places, and events of its past. You will be involved, informed and surprised as new information, interactive tasks and challenges await you.

Johnny Green

Who was Johnny Green?

Part science, part history, part open-air museum, this location-based mobile adventure allows you to discover the national heritage of Burra, where Cornish mining technology, skills and culture were once demonstrated to a high degree.

But there is also a mystery to solve as you play!

Todd's Adelaide

Charles Todd was a giant of his time influencing the science and technology of Colonial Australia. 

He set the foundations for our modern use of electronic communications, astronomy, surveying, meteorology, the postal system, electrical engineering and time standardisation.

Rediscover this man’s exploits to reveal an Adelaide that our colonial ancestors inhabited.

The Colonel's Ghost

Re-discover Adelaide and the hidden message Colonel William Light (first Surveyor-General of South Australia) designed into his city.

Come on a treasure hunt through the streets of Adelaide where solving puzzles will lead you to a hidden message that Light ‘designed’ into Adelaide. The game will not only let you explore the history of Adelaide, but you will rediscover the city you may already know from a very different perspective.

Historic Henley

Discover the rich historical and cultural heritage of Henley Beach!

There are 6 tours for you to take, each telling stories of people, places and events giving you a glimpse of Henley Beach’s past as a popular seaside resort.

You will be informed, engaged and surprised as new information, interactive 360 degree panoramas, videos and challenges await you.

Ju Raku En

What can bonsai tell us about authentic learning?

Ju Raku En 寿 楽 園 (‘to enjoy peace and longevity in a public garden’) is much more than just a group of rocks stitched together by water and artificially created hills and forests of trees and flowers.

Cross the bridges to the islands to discover the Daoist legend of the Eight Immortals, a group of legendary, transcendent, super-human celestial beings. 

The Elephant Under The Ground

Albert Park hides a secret. Will you discover what it is?

Albert Park has a long history and distinctive character. A Papakainga  occupied the site prior to European settlement. In 1845 the Albert Barracks were built there. The Park was laid out in the 1880s and in 1942 ……well that’s the secret to discover in this tour!

Beyond The Ice

Journey beyond the ice to learn the secrets of the rocks at Hallett Cove!

Preserved by nature at Hallett Cove is a ‘fossilised’ landscape to give you an unbelievable picture of time past. To find out why, use this mobile tour and explore our videos, 360 panoramas, 3D outcrop models and images to reveal the major events that shaped the geology of Hallett Cove into what we can see today.

Visit Hay

‘Visit’ four amazingly different museums in Hay, NSW

Residents share personal stories about the town, sheep shearers talk about their work and history lovers talk about the hardships and joys of life in Hay over the decades